Saturday, October 3, 2015

Creativity Boot Camp

Tuesday I joined the month long creativity camp run by Jane at That Curious Love of Green. Minimum "requirements" for participation are to:

  • Journal each day (think Morning Pages from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way)
  • Work on one creative thing each day

I want to apply consistent BIC (Butt in Chair) with the story in process, specifically, 1000 words per day and/or average 4 hours per day (20 a week). This is supposed to be a full time job; obviously it's not. If I can't dedicate 20 hours, then what the heck?

I also want to walk into my sewing room & do at least one thing each day. I was afraid that forcing myself to finish the Bichon quilt would cause procrastination too intense to overcome, but the quilt interests me (surprisingly). I've been forced to learn new skills -- applique, embroidery -- and I am excited about how I might apply it to future work.

Being in boot camp won't remove the obstacles I've experienced for so long. These first few days have been busy with all sorts of commitments and while I have done the minimum, yesterday I did not achieve my writing goal. Gotta keep working at it!

They say perseverance & grit are more important than pure talent or even intelligence. So for this boot camp, the primary goal is simply to persevere. When Kat went through the police academy, her mantra was "one day at a time." She didn't think ahead too much, and she let each day's pain and failure remain in the past. The focus was on today. And even then she almost quit. She showed grit and it has paid off with a career she loves (and good money).

I don't anticipate the month will be as painful for me, but fighting procrastination, self-doubt, frustration with obligations, etc. can be tiring and overwhelming, so it's one day at a time. Today my morning is full, but I have the afternoon and evening for some BIC and a little sewing. All will be well.